All About the Las Vegas Wranglers Jersey

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The las vegas wranglers jersey were a professional ice hockey team that played in the ECHL from 2003 to 2014. During their 11 seasons, they gained a loyal following of fans who were known for their enthusiasm and love of the team’s unique jersey designs.

The Wranglers had a few different jerseys over the years, but the most memorable one was undoubtedly the black and white cow print jersey. This was a nod to the team’s name and the cowboy culture of Las Vegas. The jersey featured a black base with white spots, as well as red and white accents. The team wore this jersey for several games each season, and it quickly became a fan favorite.

In addition to the cow print jersey,

The Wranglers also had a few other noteworthy designs. One was a bright orange jersey with black and white accents, which was worn for “Orange Out” games to raise awareness for cancer research. Another was a white jersey with a pink ribbon on the chest, which was worn for Breast Cancer Awareness Night.

Overall, the Las Vegas Wranglers jerseys were known for their creativity and unique designs. They were a reflection of the team’s fun-loving spirit and the city’s vibrant culture. While the team may no longer be playing, fans can still find and purchase Wranglers jerseys as a way to remember the team and its legacy.

The Las Vegas Wranglers

Were a minor league ice hockey team that played in Las Vegas from 2003 to 2014. The team was known for its unique and creative promotions, as well as its distinctive jerseys. Fans of the team, and hockey collectors in general, often seek out Las Vegas Wranglers jerseys as a way to show their support for the team and its legacy.

The Wranglers jerseys

Were known for their bright, eye-catching designs that often featured a mix of bold colors and unique patterns. One of the team’s most popular jerseys was their black and white “Zebra” jersey, which featured a striped design that resembled a referee’s uniform. Other popular designs included the “Vegas Vixens” jersey, which featured a pin-up style design with a female cowboy on the front, and the “Las Vegas Aces” jersey, which was modeled after a deck of playing cards.

In addition to their unique designs, Las Vegas Wranglers jerseys are also sought after for their rarity. Because the team played in the ECHL, a lower-level professional hockey league, the production runs for their jerseys were relatively small. As a result, it can be difficult to find authentic Wranglers jerseys for sale, and prices for these items can be relatively high.


If you are a fan of the Las Vegas Wranglers or are looking to add a unique and distinctive hockey jersey to your collection, it may be worth your while to seek out one of these rare and sought-after jerseys. While they may be difficult to find, the bold and creative designs of the Las Vegas Wranglers jerseys make them a must-have for any serious hockey fan or collector.


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