India’s Interest in Hosting the Olympic Games 2036

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In October 2023, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced India’s interest in hosting the Olympic Games 2036, calling it the country’s “age-old dream”. This declaration has sparked discussions about India’s readiness to host such a significant global event. The prospect of hosting the Olympics raises various questions about India’s preparedness, infrastructure, and economic implications. Here, we will explore India’s potential as an Olympic host, considering its previous experience with major sporting events, existing infrastructure, and the economic impact of such a venture.

India’s Readiness

India’s interest in hosting the Olympic Games 2036 reflects its ambition to become a prominent global sporting destination. The country has previously organized major international events, such as the 2010 Commonwealth Games. However, the scale and complexity of the Olympic Games present a different set of challenges. Prime Minister Modi emphasized India’s capabilities in organizing significant events, citing the recent G-20 meetings held across the country. While India has demonstrated its logistical capabilities. Hosting the Olympics requires a comprehensive approach to sports infrastructure, sustainability, and adherence to the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) standards and protocols.

Olympic Games 2036

Infrastructure and Facilities

The successful hosting of the Olympic Games demands state-of-the-art infrastructure and a wide range of sporting facilities. India would need to ensure the availability of thousands of hotel rooms and dozens of arenas to accommodate athlete., officials, and spectators. While some major cities in India have existing sporting venues that could be upgraded. The Olympics require specialized infrastructure for various sports. Which poses a significant logistical and financial challenge. The country would need to invest in building and refurbishing sporting facilities to meet the stringent requirements of the Olympic Games.

Economic Considerations

The economic implications of hosting the Olympics are a critical factor in evaluating India’s readiness. The cost of organizing the Games, infrastructure development, and operational expenses can be substantial. It is essential for India to assess the potential economic benefits and long-term impact of hosting the Olympics. David Carter. An adjunct professor of sports business. emphasized the importance of clarity in the objective for organizing the Games and the need to mitigate the risks associated with cost overruns and controversies.


India’s aspiration to host the Olympic Games 2036 reflects its commitment to becoming a major player in the global sports arena. While the country has experience in organizing international events, the scale and complexity of the Olympics present unique challenges. India would need to demonstrate its ability to meet the stringent requirements for infrastructure. Sustainability, and economic viability. The decision to host the Olympic Games involves careful consideration of the long-term impact on the country’s development and global standing. As India pursues its “age-old dream” of hosting the Olympics. Thorough planning and preparation will be essential to ensure the success of this ambitious endeavor.


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