Unlocking the Secrets of Escape Artists’ Props in Crossword Puzzles

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Escape artists have been amazing audiences with their seemingly impossible feats of escape for decades, and their tools of the trade are escape artists props crossword no less fascinating. If you enjoy solving crossword puzzles, you may have come across clues referencing the props and tools used by escape artists in their death-defying performances. In this article, we’ll explore some of the most common escape artist props referenced in crossword puzzles.


Perhaps the most iconic escape artist prop, the straitjacket was used to restrain patients in mental institutions. However, it soon became a staple in escape artists’ performances. The straitjacket features long sleeves that wrap around the arms and are then buckled behind the back, making it nearly impossible to move. In a typical escape, the artist wriggles out of the jacket by dislocating their shoulders and manipulating their joints.


Another common escape artist prop, handcuffs, can be used in various ways, such as chaining the artist to a chair or locking their wrists together. The challenge for the artist is to pick the lock or wriggle out of the cuffs without any tools. In some cases, the artist may have a lock pick hidden on their person, adding an extra layer of intrigue to the performance.

Milk Can

A lesser-known escape artist prop, the milk can was used to store milk and other liquids in the early 20th century. Escape artists later discovered that the can’s airtight seal made it the perfect tool for escaping. The artist would enter the can and have it filled with water, and then they would have a limited amount of time to escape before running out of air.


Chains are often used to bind an escape artist’s hands or feet, but they can also be used to restrain the artist’s body to a specific location. Like with handcuffs, the artist must either pick the lock or find a way to wriggle free from the chains.


One of the most dramatic escape artist props, the coffin, is often used to create a sense of danger and suspense. The artist is locked inside the coffin, which is then buried underground or submerged in water. The artist must escape before running out of air or being buried alive.


A padlock is a simple but effective prop used by escape artists. The artist may be locked inside a box or trunk, and the only way out is to pick the padlock or manipulate it in some way. This prop requires skill and precision to escape from, and it’s often used in combination with other props to create a more challenging escape.

Straight Razor

A straight razor is not a prop that’s commonly associated with escape artists, but it has been used in some performances. The razor is used to cut through ropes or other restraints, allowing the artist to escape. This prop requires a steady hand and a great deal of trust in the artist’s own abilities.

Glass Tank

Similar to the milk can, the glass tank is a prop that’s used to create a sense of danger and suspense. The artist is locked inside the tank, which is then filled with water. The artist must escape before running out of air or drowning. This prop is often used in combination with other props, such as handcuffs or chains, to create a more challenging escape.


Suspension is a technique that’s used by some escape artists to create the illusion of levitation or floating in mid-air. The artist is suspended from a rope or other device, and they must escape from the restraints holding them in place. This prop requires a great deal of strength and agility, as well as an understanding of the physics involved in maintaining balance and stability while suspended in mid-air.

In conclusion, escape artists have a long history of using props and tools to entertain and amaze their audiences. If you enjoy crossword puzzles, keep an eye out for clues related to these iconic escape artist props, and you’ll be sure to impress your fellow puzzle enthusiasts with your knowledge.


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