What Happened to Ridge Forrester’s Hand? Exploring the Storyline on The Bold and the Beautiful

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Ridge Forrester, a character on the long-running soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful, is known for his dashing good looks and his successful career as a fashion designer. However, fans of the show may have noticed that Ridge has a unique physical characteristic – he is missing a hand. In this article, what happened to ridge forrester’s hand we will explore the storyline behind Ridge’s missing hand and how it has impacted his character.

First, it’s important to note that Ridge’s missing hand is not due to any real-life injury suffered by the actor who portrays him, Thorsten Kaye. Rather, the storyline was created by the show’s writers as a way to add depth and complexity to the character.

In the show’s canon, Ridge lost his hand in a plane crash that occurred while he was on a business trip. The crash resulted in several injuries, including the loss of his hand. Following the accident, Ridge had to learn how to adjust to life without a dominant hand, which presented significant challenges for him both personally and professionally.

One of the ways in which the show

Has explored the impact of Ridge’s missing hand is through his relationship with his daughter, Steffy. As a young girl, Steffy was involved in a horseback riding accident that resulted in the loss of one of her legs. Like her father, Steffy had to learn how to adjust to life with a disability, and her experiences have helped her to empathize with Ridge’s struggles.

Throughout the show’s run, Ridge’s missing hand has been an ongoing storyline, and it has been used to explore a wide range of themes and issues. For example, Ridge’s disability has been used to highlight the importance of accessibility and inclusion in the workplace, as he has had to make accommodations in order to continue working as a fashion designer.

Additionally, Ridge’s missing hand has been used to explore the challenges of parenting a child with a disability, as well as the emotional toll that a traumatic event like a plane crash can have on an individual and their loved ones.

What Happened to Ridge Forrester’s Hand? The Story Behind the Missing Limb

If you are a fan of the popular soap opera, “The Bold and the Beautiful,” you might have noticed that one of the main characters, Ridge Forrester, is missing a hand. While some viewers may think it is a cosmetic decision by the actor or the producers of the show, there is a more profound story behind the missing limb.

In 2012, Ridge Forrester, played by actor Ronn Moss, lost his hand in a tragic accident. The character was flying a plane with his son, Thomas, when they crashed into the ocean. While both Ridge and Thomas survived the crash, Ridge lost his right hand and suffered other injuries. The storyline allowed the show to raise awareness about the dangers of distracted flying and to promote safer aviation practices.

After the accident, the character of Ridge Forrester

Underwent extensive physical and emotional rehabilitation. The show portrayed his struggles with pain, addiction to painkillers, and depression. Ridge had to learn how to live without his dominant hand, which affected his work and personal life. He had to relearn simple tasks like tying his shoes or opening a jar, and he struggled with feelings of inadequacy and shame.

While the character of Ridge Forrester faced many challenges, his missing hand also brought some positive changes in his life. He became more compassionate and understanding towards people with disabilities and advocated for their rights. He also developed a deeper appreciation for life and the people around him.

In real life, actor Ronn Moss left the show in 2012,

A few months after Ridge Forrester’s accident. He explained in an interview that he was ready to move on and explore other opportunities, but he also expressed gratitude for his time on the show and the impact it had on his life and career.

In 2013, the role of Ridge Forrester was recast, and actor Thorsten Kaye took over the part. The show continued to portray the character’s struggles and triumphs, and his missing hand remained a part of his storyline. The show also used the opportunity to promote awareness about the importance of safety in aviation and the consequences of distracted flying.

The missing hand of Ridge Forrester in “The Bold and the Beautiful” is not just a cosmetic decision or a plot twist. It is a poignant reminder of the dangers of distracted flying and the consequences of accidents. The storyline allowed the show to raise awareness about these issues and to promote safer aviation practices. Moreover, it gave the character of Ridge Forrester a chance to show his resilience, strength, and humanity, and to inspire viewers to overcome their own challenges.

In conclusion,

The storyline behind Ridge Forrester’s missing hand on The Bold and the Beautiful is a poignant and thought-provoking exploration of disability, resilience, and the human experience. By portraying a character with a disability, the show has helped to raise awareness of the challenges faced by people with disabilities in everyday life, and it has given viewers a deeper appreciation for the strength and resilience that is required to overcome such challenges.


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